We provide our clients financial services to meet their liquidity needs.

Factroing Puro

Pure Factoring

With Pure Factoring service, obtain cash flow through the discount and transfer of your invoice or unpaid assessments.

Pure Factoring is for services already provided in wich there is a pending invoice. Allows the collection management, covering the risk of possible insolvencies, providing greater cash flow.

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The Reverse Factoring service provides our customers the financial support to pay their suppliers.

We provide the security you need by managing the payments of your company, giving your suppliers the possibility of collecting invoice prior the expiration date.

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Pre Factoring

Increase your company’s purchasing power without investing your own money. With Pre Factoring we offer you the option to increase your cash flow through purchase orders or contracts derived from the provision of its services.

Unlike Pure Factoring the service has not been rendered and the guarantee is the purchase order or the contract.

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